Master of Engineering in
Data Science

Program Description

The Master of Engineering of Data Science degree program uses real-world problems and situations to prepare graduates for roles as strategic thought leaders who leverage predictive modeling to drive decision making. Students will develop in depth understanding of the key technologies in data science and business analytics: data mining, machine learning, visualization techniques, predictive modeling, and statistics.  The aim of this degree is to engage students with the practice of problem analysis and decision-making with data literacy. Students will gain practical, hands-on experience with statistics programming languages and big data tools through coursework and applied research experiences.

Why this Program?

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Program Pathways

This program has 2 pathways:

Course-Research Pathway: this pathway is for students who are interested in pursuing career in professional job and academic job as researchers. The students in this pathway will only do the thesis only.

Research-based Pathway: this pathway is for students are interested in pursuing career only in the academic area as researchers. The students in this pathway will be required to produce publication and do the thesis.

Program Curriculum

Both Course-Research and Research-based pathway has total of 54 credits for graduation. However, each pathway has different curriculum organizations as described below.
Course-Research Pathway
Research-based Pathway

List of Courses

Study Program

Career Opportunities

The graduates may pursue their career paths in both academics and professionals:

  1. Data Scientist
  2. Data Analyst
  3. Data Engineer
  4. Machine Learning and AI Engineer
  5. Business Intelligent Analyst
  6. Database Administrator
  7. Big Data Specialist 
  8. Statistician 

Research Areas at M-DAS


Dr. PHAUK Sokkhey
  • Lecturer of Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (AMS), ITC
  • Coordinator of Master Program of Data Science, ITC

Research Focus: Machine learning, Data Analytics, Data Mining, and Predictive Modelling

Dr. SIM Tepmony
  • Director of Graduate School, ITC

Research Focus: Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, and Machine learning.

Mr. CHAN Sophal
  • Full time lecturer at Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (AMS), ITC
  • Data Science and AI coach at SabaiCode
  • Data Science Consultant at Z1 Data

Research Focus: Machine learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Data Mining, and Artificial Intelligent

Mr. NHIM Malai
  • Lecturer at Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (AMS), ITC

Research Focus: Machine learning, Statistics, Meta-analysis, and Biostatistics


Application is opened started from June until September.

An applicant must have the following qualifications:

v Baccalaureate or Equivalent Diploma

v Engineer’s Degree or bachelor’s degree in computer science, Information Technology, or related fields

v Certificate of English Proficiency

v Minimum GPA of 2.5 on 4.0 Scale

Download application form at:

Tuition Fee

According to the Announcement of Graduate School of ITC 2022, the tuition fee is 1200USD per year or 650 USD per semester.

More Information

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