Message from Dr. Om Romny, Director General Of ITC

Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) was found in 1964 with the continuously strong support from Cambodian government and development partners. The support from our line Ministry, The Ministry of Education Youth and Sport, provides ITC with great opportunity of working with other partners including AUF (France), AUN/SEED-Net (ASEAN), JICA (Japan), Ares-CCD (Belgium) and beyond. The institute has been well-recognized nationally and globally with the up to date alternative change in terms of educational system from one regime to another. With the clear and shared vision mingle together with potential and qualified human resources, the institute has always received strong support from local and international members. Currently, research and innovation has been the one of the main priority pillars to increase the relevant impacts and visibility. The vision of ITC is to stay stand as one of top engineering research institutions in the country, regions, and the globe, particularly the positive impact of research and innovation to society has been our ultimate goal. In order to achieve the vision, ITC has put the best efforts to improve both hard and soft infrastructure to endlessly build the capacity to each and everyone of ITC members. For instance, the three stories building of research and innovation center was built in 2015 with huge investment of research equipment. In addition to this, the status for researchers and scientific research council has been created in place.

The Graduate School of the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (GS of ITC) plays an important role in supporting and providing services regarding the development of human resources at graduate (master and doctoral) levels at ITC. Its prime objective is to increase the number of highly qualified human resources in fields of Sciences, Engineering, Technology and Architecture, demanded by markets and the Cambodian society.


Excellence in every aspect of graduate education at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia.


The GS of ITC commits to achieving the long-term vision of ITC concerning graduate education by providing services to the campus community that maintain integrity and excellence in graduate education through clear and consistent policies, high standards, efficient procedures and direct student support. We seek to support and serve as a resource for all graduate students, and to support faculty and staff by fostering relationships, increasing communications and collaborations, and delivering comprehensive research and data resources to inform about graduate education. The graduate school:

  • promotes efficiency and effectiveness in graduate education so that ITC graduate students can achieve their educational and professional potential and make contributions to the university, the industry, the nation and the world;
  • provides opportunities through funding support and professional development activities for graduate students;
  • promotes graduate student’s recruitment, retention and degree completion through graduate student’s funding support;
  • collaborates with other academic units to communicate and improve its services and to extend its visibility locally and internationally.

Core Values

Excellence in graduate education

  • Recruitment and graduation of outstanding students
  • Ethical conduct in graduate studies and researches
  • Diversity among students, faculty and staff
  • Communication and collaboration throughout the graduate community
  • Graduate-student professional development
  • Preservation of academic standards
  • Maintaining accurate data and records.


  • Provide the graduate education programs that align with national, regional and global demands.
  • Enhance graduate education through innovative administrative processes while ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Provide exemplary programs and services to prospective students, current students and faculty through the reliable and effective communication.
  • Provide funding opportunities for graduate students.