Success story: Ms. LAI Chenda,
1st-year Doctoral Student

Ms. LAI Chenda, a student from Prey Veng province is currently doing her Ph.D​​​ (Double Degree) between Institute of Technology of     Cambodia (ITC) and  University of Liège (GxABT, ULiège) in Belgium under financial support of the Higher Education Improvement Project (namely, HEIP). Her doctoral research focuses on Optimization of Soil  Nutrients for Rice Cultivation Using Experimental and Modeling Approaches” as Cambodian farmers still apply the poor technique of fertilization and irrigation method for their agriculture    practices. Chenda obtained her Master’s Degree in Urban Water and Sanitation Engineering at ITC in 2020 under a scholarship of the French Development Agency (AFD-EU) and her Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry Science at Royal University of Phnom Penh under financial support of the Enfants du Mekong (EdM) – a French NGO and non-profit charity. Recently , she obtained the financial support from the Agence          Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) to improve her French level at Institut Français du Cambodge. Moreover, she has recently received   allowances from the AUF to enhance her research activities.

What is your last message to the young generation ?

With these supports, I  determine herself to achieve my research goals as I believe that that women do not need to be born in a rich family just to get a good education. I hope Cambodian youth value on education sector and I really appreciate if they can find the scholarship to support their study and living. Being a researcher and future lecturer, I wish that my new knowledge​ will be more effective in ​​helping the farmers for sustainable agricultural practices, and in  improving the lives of the disadvantaged in Cambodia and beyond.